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C4C Loyalty Program

Have you previously hosted a clothing drive campaigns with If so, click to see if you qualify this year for the loyalty program. Schedule your next pick-up and complete your collection by December 31, 2023 to receive a year-end-bonus. See details and how to become eligible.


(11) Good Reasons to Host a Clothing Drive Fundraiser

  • Fill up a truck to earn the most.

  • Low bag minimums

  • 7-days a week pick-up

  • Morning/Afternoon pick-ups

  • Run unlimited campaign 

  • Spirit color flyer downloadable templates available. 

  • Flexible schedule

  • Quick payouts

  • Support your youth programs.

  • Reduce excess textile waste in Landfills.

  • Help clothe disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Request information below!

Southern California • Northern California • Arizona • Oregon • Washington

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Join our
loyality program!

Get up to an extra
.05¢ per lbs.

Please fill out request information form to read about our program and upcoming promos.

See how we can help you reach your fundraising goals with a clothing drive fundraiser. Let us know the city of organization and how you heard about us.

Thank you for requesting info about our Clothing Drive Fundraising Campaign. Give us a call or one of our reps will give you a call to set up your campaign.

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