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(11) Good Reasons to Host a Clothing Drive Fundraiser

  • FREE truck pick-up ​

  • Pick-up 7-days a week

  • Morning or Afternoon Pick-up appointments available.

  • No bag or weight minimums

  • Run unlimited campaigns thoughout the year. 

  • Downloadable Spirit-color Flyer templates available. 

  • Flexible schedule 8-3pm

  • Quick payouts

  • Fill-up a truck to maximize and earn the most. 

  • Nothing to buy or sell

  • Support your youth programs.

  • Reduce excess textile waste in Landfills.

  • Help clothe underserved communities worldwide.

Request information below!

See how recycled textile are reused for housing instalation, art and more.
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Please fill out request information form to read about our program and upcoming promos.

See how we can help you reach your fundraising goals with a clothing drive fundraiser. Let us know the city of organization and how you heard about us.

Now serving the following cities: 

Los Angeles • San Diego • San Francisco • Sacramento • Fresno

Dallas, TX • Phoenix, AZ
• Portland, OR • Seattle, WA • New Haven, CT •
Philadelphia, PA,
 Maryland/Washington, DC • Rutherford, NJ • New York, NY 

NOTE Servicing surrounding cities and communities within a 2-hr radius of the following cities. Select the city closest to your area.

Thank you for requesting info about our Clothing Drive Fundraising Campaign. Give us a call, or one of our reps will give you a call to set up your campaign.

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