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How the Fundraiser Works!

Please fill out request information form to read about our program and upcoming promos.


See how we can help you reach your fundraising goals with a clothing drive fundraiser. Let us know the city of organization and how you heard about us.

NOTE Servicing surrounding cities and communities within a 2-hr radius of the following cities. Select the city closest to your area.

NOTE Servicing surrounding cities and communities within a 2-hr radius of the following cities. Select the city closest to your area.
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
Fresno, CA
San Francisco, CA
Sacramento, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA
Dallas, TX
New Haven, CT
New York, NY
E. Rutherford, NJ
Philadephia, PA

Fill up a Truck!

Need a fundraiser?

How does it work!

   Thank you for inquiring about Clothing Drive fundraiser. We are excited to offer this EZ fundraiser to help your organization raise funds, reduce texile waste in our landfils and cloth improvished communities worldwide.

Who can fundraise:

   Fundraising is open to all school, churches, youth groups, sport teams and charitable other organizations.

What we accept:

   We currently accept all garments from baby clothing to adult clothing. Nothing torn, ripped, stained or soiled. Items must be in relatively good condition, and usable by someone else. In-addition to clothing, we also accept shoes, backpacks, purses and towels, sheets, blankets and bed spreads.


How we accepted the items:

   We ask that you to bag those items in large yard size bags, but nothing smaller than a 13-gallon large white kitchen size bag. Please put your group or organizations name on the bags prior to pick up.

How we collect:

   Providing you have 100-bags, we offer a courtesy pick-up, otherwise we can schedule you for a drop-off at our warehouse location. So, there is no minimum to participate, just a minimum for the pick-up.

When do we collect:

   Pick ups are 7-days per week, from 8-4pm, 8am being the first appointment. We are now offer weekend and afternoon appointments upon special request only.

 How much can we earn:

   We are currently running a per pound campaign.

Ask representative for details. 424-272-0338


Timeframe for getting paid:

  Checks get mailed out to your organization within 2-3 week of receiving your bags in the warehouse. Our office will not have results immediately.  A report from the warehouse hits our office at the end of the month of when your bags are collected.

Do you have a flyer to use:

   We have spirit color flyer templates on the website under fundraise drop-down. You can fill-in your info as to where your contributors can donate bags. Use the flyer to promote throughout your community and post on social media.

If you send us a copy, we will cross-promote for you on our social media platform.

What makes this fundraiser special:

   Parents like this fundraiser, because there is nothing to buy nothing to sale.

When do I confirm my bag count?:

   You will need to confirm your bag count 3-5 business days prior to your pick-up, so we can schedule our driver. It is the coordinators responsibility to email, text or call with bag count. Otherwise, scheduled appointment will be  cancelled.

How do we start our fundraising Campaign?

   To get started, we get you scheduled for a pick up or drop off and you work on your campaign up to that date.

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