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Campaign Guidelines:

Thank you for participating in
the - Clothing Drive Fundraiser. So glad you decided to participate using our fundraising campaign.

The following guidelines will make this a seamless fundraiser.


  • Schedule appointments are required for pick-up or drop-off.

  • Appointments may be cancelled if its a raining day in your area.

  • NO BAG PICK-UP’s on  a RAINY day in your area.  APPOINTMENT WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE CANCELLED and rescheduled.



  • See link below to download a spirit colorful template to set up your flyer.  Here is a link!templates/c1cqq to download one of the templates for your team or group promotions.  

  • Please send our office a copy of your flyer via email allowing us to help cross-promote on our social media platform.



  • We accept clothing, shoes, backpack, purses and linen (towels, sheets, blankets and bedspreads)



  • Turned, ripped, stained or soiled items. Items with missing buttons or broken zippers are not acceptable.

  • no undergarments (underwear, bras, team uniforms with logos, company shirts with logos,,

  • no personal pillows, bed padding



  • We can not collect wet or mildew clothing that came from outdoor exposure to rain or sun.

  • Avoid leaving bags of clothing in the sun. Bags sweat and mildew clothing 

  • If collected, this will be discarded and no credit given.



  • Use ONLY LARGE (13-Gallons or larger) size trash bags. The more items in the bag, the greater chance of more $$$ earnings.  Bags must be completely full!



  •  All bags MUST be labeled with your school/team or organizations name.



  •  Our courtesy pick-up is based on 150 bag minimum, or 200 Bags minimum if you are outside of an hour and half from downtown Los Angeles.

  • If you can not make the bag minimum, please let us know as we want you to succeed and may have other options.

  • No minimum for drop-offs.

BAG COUNT (pick up only) REQUIRED

  • There is no minimum or maximum to participate. 

  • Set your goal high for collect hundreds of bags to fill up our truck. Our trucks fit 500-800 bags.

  • you must confirm 100+ bag count  or more 5-3 business days prior to your schedule pick up appointment so we can schedule our driver.

  • A $50.00 gasoline charge will be deducted from your check, if 150 bags were confirmed and driver picks up less.



  • The attached receipt form is mandatory for receiving a check with your fundraising earnings. Please fill out correctly and legible. 

  • remember to give a copy to the driver at the time of pick-up and email our office a copy. 

  • Driver will not have the forms on-hand, so be sure to download, and complete the form. Note: Without this form completed, your check can not be mailed out.

  • Text 424-272-0338 or Email our office a jpeg copy of the form.

  • See Attached receipt form below



  • following your pick-up, bags will be weighed at the warehouse as they are being removed from the truck.  No bags will be weighed on-site.  



  • A check will be mailed out within a few weeks after bags are received in the warehouse and paperwork has been processed. 

  • You will receive a form with the results for the total weight collected, along with your check amount.


  • Results will be issued with your check by mail. 

  • Our office will not have total until we receive a report from the warehouse at the end of the month.



  • Please be patient with receiving checks, as the postal service has been slow at times and known to take 1-3 weeks to be delivered. 

  • Please make sure the information on the receipt form attached is filled out correct, so there is no delay in receiving your fundraising check. 



  • If you submit items that are damaged, or mixed with trash your organization will be prohibited from participating in the future. Please follow our guidelines for submitting gently used items in good condition.

"This is an easy and

seamless fundraiser."

Shereen Walters

Huntington Beach Soccer 

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