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           MEDIAIMAGESpr is currently promoting our new  SPRING CLEAN! “Clothes4Cash” Clothing Drive Fundraising Campaign to help youth organizations fund their programs activities. This Clothing Drive Fundraiser is designed to help schools, sports teams, youth groups, arts programs and social organizations that have a need to raise funds for its yearly activity expenses. Activities that require financing its program for travel, housing, meals, uniforms, costumes, entry fees, awards, banquets and snacks.

        If your school, sports team or youth program can use a few extra dollars to cover program expenses, host a "Clothes4Cash" Clothing Drive Fundraiser.  Donʼt miss out on a chance to rally your team members families and friends to SPRING CLEAN; and donate their old unused clothing and shoes to support their program. This is an easy, stress-free fundraiser giving families an opportunity to de-clutter to make room for their new summer wardrobe. At some point, everyone needs to clean out their closet and drawers to get rid of out-dated, out-sized and out-worn clothing. Why not SPRING CLEAN to support a local organization?  

Clothing Drive Fundraiser Donations
Clothing Drive Fundraiser
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