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1. Question: What areas cities, states do you service?

Answer: -  Clothing Drive Fundraising is now serving the states of California (Southern, Central and Northern), Arizona, Oregon and Washington. Specific cities and surrounding counties to include: San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura County, Fresno, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix and Tucson. 


2. Question: Do you pick-up on weekdays and weekends?

Answer: Yes and No! Your organization can host the Clothing Drive weekdays or weekends, whatever day or time is convenient for your organization. However, our normal Pick-ups are Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00pm.  Upon Request, we now have the option to offer pick-ups 7-days a week, between 7-5pm. Drop-offs are only available Monday-Friday between 11:00-3:00pm

3. Question: What is the minimum or maximum bags needed to participate?

Answer: There is no bag minimum or maximum to participate. However, courtesy pick-ups

are available with a 100-150 bags or more of the white 13-gallon kitchen size or larger yard size bags. 


4. Question: What if our organization or team has less than 150 bags?

Answer: If your organization has less than 150 large white, 13-gallon or larger size trash bags, we can do one of (3) options: (1) extend your campaign to allow groups to collect more bags, (2) schedule your organization for a drop-off  appointment. (3) schedule your pick-up with our alternate driver who handles lower bag minimums upon special request only.


5. Question: When do we need to confirm our bag count?

Bag count must be confirmed 3-5 business days prior to pick-up.  Please confirm 100-150 bags within 3-5 days of your appointment to confirm your pick-up, so we can schedule our driver.


6. Question: Can I do multiple teams at the same time, same pickup or drop-off?

Answer: Yes, we can take multiple team pick-ups and drop-off. Bags MUST be labeled with team name, so that the team will receive funding for those items they collected.

7. Question: What type of clothing do you accept and don't accept?

Answer: We accept pants, skirts, shorts, shirts, tops, blouses, jackets, sweaters, coats. We don't accept undergarments, underwear, bras, socks, scarfs, belts, pillows or t-shirts with promotional info on the front or back.

8. Question: Can you accept rugs, pillows and curtains?

Answer: Yes, we accept small rugs, decorative pillows and curtains.  


9. Question:  How much do we earn on clothing, shoes, linen items collected?

Answer: Currently, we are running our PER-lbs. campaign for clothing, purses, backpacks, shoes, sandals, linen - towels, sheets, blankets, comforters.


10. Question: How much does the typical group earn on a campaign?

Answer: It is solely dependent on the amount of participation the group has with promoting the clothing drive and how many people donate clothes. Teams, groups school, districts have earned between $100.00-$16,000.00.


11.  Question: Do we have to plan our fundraiser with an event?

Answer: No, this is just an idea to draw more participants. You can host a clothing drive rallying your community, to support your fundraiser.

12. Question: When do we receive funding after collecting the clothing bags?

Answer: It usually mailed out within a few weeks, providing you have completed the required receipt form giving a copy to the driver and emailed a copy to our office. Without the form, there will a be a delay in payment.


13. Question: Will our organization be credited for every item submitted?

Answer: We are currently running a per pound campaign. Bags of Items are weight and paid by the pound. We operate on the honor system, hoping that groups will collect items in good condition; nothing faded, torn, rip, soiled, stains, missing buttons  or zippers not working.  We can only pay for quality items that are gently worn and usable by someone else.


14. Question: What happens to the rejected items?

Answer: Rejected items are recycled donated to an outside agency that shreds the clothing and used to make the bottom of rugs. This is also our way to be environmental responsive in not letting clothing end up in the landfills.


15. Question: What teams, groups, schools or districts have used your program?

Answer: Reference List available upon request.

16. Question: Who will pick-up and weighs the items?

Answer: Our warehouse driver will load truck and warehouse team members will weigh multiple bags in large industrial crates at the warehouse. No bags will be weighed on location.

17. Question: Where do the clothing collected go? 

Answer: Clothes, shoes, linen and purses are shipped to 3rd World Countries to cloth improvished communities worldwide.

18. Question: Is there a enviromental benefit to donating clothing? 

Answer: Yes, this helps save the planet, by eliminate textile waste in our landfields, that over a period of time release toxic gases into our air. Recycling, reusing, repurposing these items is a win, win .

Used clothing for Clothing Drive Fundraising

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