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You can raise 40 cents per clothing item, 75 cents for shoes and 25 cents each for purses, backpacks, towels, blankets, sheets and other items. This is pretty great, as you can easily raise enough money to fund your team’s expenses for food, uniforms, bills, snacks, travel expenses, banquet, awards, housing etc. This program is best suitable for schools, sports team, youth programs or other independent performing groups who require some extra cash to run their affairs. This is an innovative and helpful way to raise money, as you don’t have to sell or buy anything. After counting and evaluating the quality of the clothing, shoes and linen donations, we will send you a check.

.40¢ per clothing Item .75¢ per pairs of Shoes

.25¢ per accessories .25¢ per pair Sandals

.25¢ per linen Items

We pay per item, not by the pound! Clothing Drive Fundraising
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