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Join our Clothing Drive Fundraising campaign!

Scan to start your fundraising Campaign! - Clothing Drive Fundraiser Campaigns QR code to website
Don't Dump, - Clothing Drive Fundraiser Campaigns help by donating to youth groups

Get your organizations 

on-board to Fundraise!


Clothing Drive Campaign:

  • Earn up to .30¢ per lbs. (drop-offs in South Gate, CA only)!

  • No weight minimums!

  • Morning & Afternoon Pick-ups Available!

  • Weekday & Weekend Pick-ups Available!

  • Serving Southern/Northern California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington!

  • NEW - Campaign every Month!

Please fill out request information form to read about our program and upcoming promos.

See how we can help you reach your fundraising goals with a clothing drive fundraiser. Let us know the city of organization and how you heard about us.

Thank you for requesting info about our Clothing Drive Fundraising Campaign. Give us a call or one of our reps will give you a call to set up your campaign.

Earn up to
.30¢ - Clothing Drive Fundraiser Campaigns help team sports and youth groups in Southern and Northern California

7-days a week
bookings avail.
• • •


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