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Donors get a complimentary
3-5 nite Vacation-Stay too!
Your group will EARN more! And, we can
HELP more families in need.
It's a WIN, WIN for everyone!

(5) Good Reasons to Host a Clothing Drive Fundraiser

  • Support youth programs.

  • Reduce excess textile waste in Landfields.

  • Help cloth disadvantage communities worldwide.

  • Purge - Clean Closets and Drawers.

  • Get a complimentary Hotel-Stay in over 50 locations.

Let's do our

part to help!

Thousands of team and organizations have turned in bags of their gently used clothing, shoes, purses and linen, into much needed cash for their organizations!  It has funded group trips, team uniforms, equipment and meals. Start your campaign today!

Get up to.30¢ per lbs!

Need a fundraiser?

How does it works!

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